Citywide Movement Assembly

Sunday, May 13th from 5-10pm

What if NYC was a true PEOPLES CITY? What if WE THE PEOPLE OF NYC had the power to declare access to clean air, secure housing, fresh food, quality education, and comprehensive healthcare as basic human rights? What if we had the power to make meaningful decisions on policing, public space, and zoning for our own neighborhoods?

Join us for our next CITYWIDE MOVEMENT ASSEMBLY because ANOTHER CITY IS POSSIBLE and together we have the vision and power to create it.

 5-6 PM – Tabling and Music and Honoring of Separated Mothers (in WS Park – if weather permits)

6-8:30 PM—Citywide Movement Assembly

8:30-10 PM – Potluck and DJ dance party

To acknowledge Mother’s Day and all of the mothers that have been severed from their children by war, immigration laws, incarceration and other forms of state violence, we will begin the May Assembly with a ceremonial honoring of separated mothers.

The Citywide Movement Assembly is a strategic space for cross-issue dialogue, skill-sharing and collaboration towards building a movement for popular power in NYC.  We welcome all types of groups, as well as people looking to form or join a group. The Assembly will begin and end with tabling, a potluck, and music – so bring literature and food to share and prepare to dance.

Specifics on the Vision of the Assembly

Our first Citywide Movement Assembly was apart of the Occupy Wall Street Spring Awakening this past April in Central Park. Four hundred people participated and it was a hugely enriching experience for many. The vision for the future Citywide Movement Assemblies is to advance a strategic conversation on building popular power in NYC. By popular power we mean the power for New Yorkers to participate in a meaningful way in the decisions that affect their lives.

There is already a lot of movement on this front in NYC, from the new participatory budgeting in four districts and the call for greater disciplinary power for the Civilian Complaint Review Board, to local cop watch programs, occupations, and worker cooperatives. In one of the most centralized Cities in the country, there are many more opportunities for us to collectively move on.

Through the City Wide Movement Assembly we will collectively embark on an ongoing active exploration of how we can democratize our city and decentralize power into the hands of the people.

We invite you to join us.

The format of the Assembly will be simple and open. After a brief welcome we will break out into smaller groups to workshop ideas for popular power in different sectors of NYC. After an hour of small group discussion, we will then reconvene to share our findings and to set goals for future exploration and action. We will then invite people to participate in a “gallery walk” of any of the small group conversations that they want to learn more about. A potluck and dj’d dance party will follow the Assembly.